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Are you Well....???

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Check yourself. An evaluation of your 8 Dimensions of Wellness for Women who are bossed up. In every aspect of life.

We are back and just as we are venturing in another week of social distancing, quarantining, masking and glove wearing, we all are at a pivotal point where we will need to check our emotional well being to make sound decisions as we move into creating new norms.

“What does it really mean to be well. I'm not sick?.”

Wellness involves being aware of ourselves as whole people, including a sense of balance and contentment. It is the feeling that things are going well for us today, and can continue to go well for us tomorrow. It is the belief that we have meaningful relationships and a sense of meaning and purpose. Although we may have setbacks, or experience stress, we are resilient and we have strength, material resources, and the support of others to survive and thrive. At the Institute, we believe that helping people improve their personal wellness, as they define it, is critical.

Wellness involves a sense of empowerment. Each day we wake up we can make choices. Empowerment goes hand-in-hand with taking personal responsibility for our day to day choices and our lives. Wellness and balance are defined by you, based on what you think is important and needed, as well as on your personal goals and values.

Wellness is not the absence of disease, illness, and stress but the presence of:

• Purpose in life

• Active involvement in satisfying work and play

• Joyful relationships

• A healthy body and living environment

• Happiness

Wellness is a conscious, deliberate process that requires being aware of and making choices for a more satisfying lifestyle.

A wellness lifestyle includes a self defined balance of health habits such as sleep and rest, eating well, productivity, participation in meaningful activity, and contact with supporters. Wellness is multi-dimensional: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, environmental, and financial.

Scale 1-------10.  
1:Broken, there is a lot of work that needs to be done here.  10: is being really blessed, I am happy with my level of relationship and I would not adjust anything.    Trust your intuition. Your first number that comes to mind is your first real answer. Write your number down.  

Dimension 1: Physical Wellness

Do you like the body you are in? Do you have a physical health routine? Are you engaging in a healthy regime that you enjoy? Are you genuinely happy with your health and do your actions align to your beliefs? Can you answer the questions, I consume foods that are healthy for me? I get enough sleep, which promotes a well rested mind?

Rate yourself 1-10.______

Dimension 2: Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is your ability to go within. To have the ability to be introspective and connect with your higher power. Do you have a relationship with any higher power? Do you seek purpose and meaning for your life and its experiences? Can you answer the questions? I make conscious choices about my daily actions based on my personal values? When I get depressed or frustrated, I draw on my beliefs and values to give me direction? I use prayer, meditation, and/or quiet personal reflection regularly in my life? Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 3: Financial Wellness

How abundant are you? How well educated are you about your financial being and opportunities? How will have you created financial wellness and expanded your portfolio in ways that will protect you and your family for life? I have a good handle on my financial status.I have money on hand to meet my current expenses. I understand the issues of balancing my wants and needs, and balancing saving and spending. I have funds or available credit ($100-$1000) to deal with moderate unexpected life expenses; a needed car repair, broken glasses, or a sudden trip to see a sick relative.Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 4: Occupational Wellness

How well are you doing in your current career? Are you getting promotions, raises, recogniti

on for your contributions? Do you have a clear intention to where you want to go and what impact do you want to have? Are you happy with your career of choice? Do you love going to work? Does your job allow you to make good use of your talents? Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 5: Love Relationships

Do you want to be in a relationship? If you are happy with being single and having your opportunity to explore your life, you would rate yourself high here. However if you want a strong connection or if you feel like your current relationship could be better; you will need to find the right number to reflect your feeling. Do you feel balance in your partnership or do you feel stifled and uncertain about the role you play? I feel comfortable meeting new people and sharing parts of myself without shame? I can give and receive compliments graciously? I have the ability to connect deeply and intimately? I can communicate openly and honestly? Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 6: Intellectual Wellness

How often are you skilling up? How often are you taking online courses or educating yourself about things that you are interested in or areas of your life you feel you can improve on? Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 7: Social Wellness

We need friends and family and people who we love. How are you connected are you to the people that matter the most? I feel a sense of belonging to my community? I have a network of friends and/or family? I contribute time and/or money to social and community projects or causes? I regularly spend time with people I like. I balance my own needs with the needs of others. Rate yourself 1-10________

Dimension 8: Emotional Wellness

Can you recognize your emotions? Can you express yourself emotionally? I understand there are ranges of emotions and I am deserve to feel them all? I accept responsibility for my actions? I see challenges and change as opportunities for growth? I believe that I have considerable control over my life? I am able to laugh at life and myself? I am able to appropriately cope with stress and tension.I am able to recognize my personal shortcomings and learn from my mistakes? Rate yourself 1-10________

After you have done your assessment take a deep breath and give yourself a round of applause. Self awareness starts with honesty and assessing. You goal is to find harmony. Balance would allude to you having to be well in all areas at one time. Most often we fall into the trap of doing to many things at one.

Select two areas to find more harmony and balance. Focus on being in-tune with yourself and these wellness areas. It takes 21 days to form a habit, however, you have to find harmony in your life to ensure committed change. Determine what two areas you rated the highest. . You have found some success and rhythm in your top two category ( Rating is between 7-10). Review and evaluate what have you done to find success? What you will find, is that you have prioritized yourself and your needs. Maybe its reading a book, going for a walk, or exercising. Nice job and keep up the good work!!

Review your other 6 categories, and ask yourself, where can I focus my efforts during this unprecedented time? With the entire world on a pause, how can you find harmony in a different category of wellness?

For more information on how to increase your personal wellness dimensions, visit and lets talk about how you can increase your wellness footprint. I am offering a free 30 minute Coaching for Clarity session that what will give us an opportunity to analyze your results, and coach for results. Take our online 7 Dimensions of wellness assessment. You will have the opportunity to select and if you would like a follow up from our executive coach Andrea, we can provide a deeper analysis of each dimension. I am also excited to offer balancing techniques for each dimension.

Remember wellness is not the absence of, but wellness is the intention to. For more blog post, visit and subscribe.

With deepest regards and unconditional love

- Andrèa Glover M.Ed

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