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Up to 18 Coaching Calls, 60 min each ($8,100 value):

We’ll schedule our calls in the first 3 weeks of the month, where we’ll hone in on what’s first/next, troubleshoot what you’ve been doing, coach the shit out of it, and drive it all forward.

1+ Week of Implementation Per Month (Priceless):
The last week(ish) of every month is for catching your breath, handling your biz, implementing what we’ve covered, and processing and integrating your Aha moments. And I’ll still be available for support during this time as well…

24/7 Voxer support between calls ($3000 value):
Voxer is like a cross between a walkie-talkie and a voicemail service, and between it and email, you can reach out 24/7 with questions, troubleshooting, to process, or even daily accountability check-ins. Think of this as a coach in your pocket!

My Master your mindset Course($1000 value):
Get the entire course, and join any or all future group calls, forever. This means learning the mindset formula skills on your own time, so we can get more from our 1-on-1 calls. Plus you’re getting access to me for as long as I have the course. Which’ll be awhile.

Personalized Mindset Meditation package ($300+ value)
All my clients will receive their own kit of crystals and meditations perfect for their unique mindset needs and goals, plus my guidance on how to use them to make your job easier.

If you are ready to change small habits that make a big impact. 





Eager to identify your beliefs that are holding you back and replace with a mindset that will propel you forward
Implement the keys to Confidence and Clarity 

How does it work?

Step 1. Ask yourself. Do I have a pretty good idea of my goals or what I want to accomplish? Then am I willing to do whatever it takes? I do.

Step 2. Click Sign me up

Step 3: Complete our Intake questionnaire

Step 4. Commitment call. I will schedule a

1-hour commitment call to discuss any questions, concerns, current goals, and roadblocks. There is where the OH HELL YES comes from. It's either you want to or you are still thinking.... and thats ok.

I only work with 4 clients at a time and space is limited.

Reminder: Coaching is Not Counseling.

Yes, I am a licensed Counselor. I am not providing counseling services at this time

Coach Me

Smiling Girl



Developing organizations from small business, Fortune 500 companies by evaluating structural operational components that aid in the advancement of Women of color in Leadership.  

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Talent Acquisition

Cultural Responsivity

Atomic Habits of Leadership

Beyond Black Lives Matter

Black Women in Leadership-Striking Gold

Courageous Conversations- Dare to Lead Framework



I will not stand for Playing-Small-Talk. I’ll call you out on every limiting belief I sense. And trust me, I sense them all. I literally have a radar-like ET. Dont Try it.

2. Excuses build bridges that lead to nowhere. I take great joy in stretching you out of your comfort zone, and I know how to do it in ways that actually work. So be ready.

3.I’m with you for 1 out of 168 hours in a week. Meaning: your results are on you, babe. If you wanna see massive outcomes, that means making massive moves of your own. I’ll bring my A-Game to the field, fo sho, but I’m only on the sidelines of your game. You’re the one with the ball. Are you ready to run with it?


4.My work is 3 parts practical, 1 part spiritual, and 1 part highly intuitive. If you like the mix of Courageous + deep, high vibe + very grounded, mature, and logical, we’ll get along great.


5.My mindset coaching tools include Cognitive Behavioral Strategies, Nonviolent Communication, Rational Emotive Behavior Strategies, my own Master your Mindset  tools, a metric shit ton of experience, and even some crystal energy if you’re down to get a little dirty (You will get some personalized crystals for emotions from me as a gift!)

6. I Like a Good Challenge. Dream big and when you are feeling small, that's the perfect time to talk. It's in those moments that I will push and challenge the belief that got you there in the first place. Stop shrinking and hiding and STOP canceling. Yep, I said it. 

7.I don’t work with someone for less than 6 months. I prefer 12. I want to have enough time to witness the REAL and lasting transformation, not just the initial honeymoon phase. Authentic change takes time, girl.


8.You will likely be pissed at me at least once during our time together (and by “likely” I mean “totally will” and by “once” I mean “a handful of times”). I won’t take it personally. It’s the nature of getting out of your comfort zone to get irritable with the person nudging you. But you must be ready to get uncomfortable with me when it happens. Cuz oh yes, we’ll talk about it. Like besties do.

9.I don’t offer refunds, cuz I only work with women who won’t allow themselves an “out” when the work gets real or life throws a curveball at their goals – and it will. But that’s when it gets fun. I also prefer you pay-in-full upfront for two reasons: 1) to get a discount (saving money is always the bees-knees) and 2) to get your mind off your monthly payment and onto the work at hand. But payment plans are available if you need them.


10. I like to laugh. A lot. I like to dance. A Lot. And I appreciate a well-placed F-bomb. As deep as I go, I’ve learned to take humor with me and not take myself, you, or any of our work too seriously. (It’s just life, after all.) I hope to impart some of that on you too.  


11. If you’re NOT getting an “OMG yes yes yes, you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for” vibe right now, I’m probably NOT the mindset coach for you. I want you to apply this little nugget of wisdom: If it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s probably a no. I’ll apply the same thing when agreeing to work with you. (Ahem, don’t let fear muddle your “hell yes” though. If you’re drawn to this like a magnet, that’s your instinct talking. Fear and doubt are normal to be in the mix of something big.)

Before you say I DO.. Here are a few things you should know

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